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About The Artist

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Fantastic Franky is a 34 year old, part time freelance photographer and fine artist, from California.  Also known by his real name Francisco Garcia.  He is skilled at a vast array of different art forms including traditional art, graphic design, and photography.  He enjoys traveling, meeting interesting people, psychology, creating art, and challenging himself mentally and physically.

The idea for this business was born during Franky's early college years.  His imagination was flooded with inspiration and he began creating digital art.  He later began practicing photography and acrylic painting by studying great artists from the past and present.  The ultimate goal was to provide people with a better experience and higher quality images than the mediocre results of the large photography companies.  He also wanted to share his art with the world to inspire future generations.

To those people who don't want their creative input limited or quality sacrificed, he created this website for you because you deserve an experience where you get exactly what you want without sacrificing high quality.  Every part of the process has been planned carefully to ensure you get the best images possible.  Especially the materials used for printed products, which are always made in a professional laboratory so you can enjoy your memories or art as long as possible. 

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